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Ep. 221 – Those who know how to serve their customer – win the sale!

Jun 28, 2021
Those who know how to serve their customer - win the sale!

My first executive marketing role wasn’t about marketing! At the age of 27, I was chosen to become the first Customer Service Manager and a board member. No one in that water systems company understood what I was going to…

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Ep. 220 – Ronny Leber created entrepreneurship around what he loves doing and tells entrepre-neurs: “the only limit is your own imagination.”

Jun 21, 2021
Ronny Leber Headshot

Ronny Leber has been able to contribute to countless award winning events for over a decade. He has been on stage in front of more than 5 million people all over the world while working with some of the biggest…

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Ep. 219 – Jason Zilberbrand, who has the largest aircraft appraisal firm in the world, shows success starts with finding what you’re really good at…

Jun 14, 2021
Jason Zilberbrand Headshot

Jason Zilberbrand is the President of VREF Aircraft Value Reference & Appraisal Services. He is an Accredited Senior Aircraft Appraiser with the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), and an Accredited Member of the Appraisers National Association (ANA), and he is…

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Ep. 218 – Jenn T Grace pivoted from a consultant to a successful book publisher, bringing voice to the invisible stories that free people from their isolation

Jun 7, 2021
Jenn T. Grace Headshot

Jenn T. Grace, M.S., Founder & CEO of Publish Your Purpose. Jenn T. Grace is a nationally recognized business strategist, speaker, and award-winning author. She has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and CNBC. Jenn…

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Ep. 217 – Dan Morris is on a mission to help 1000 businesses by 2025 by using the “4 R’s” any business needs To Maximize its Sales Process

May 31, 2021
Dan Morris Headshot

Dan Morris is an investor, advisor, and B2B growth expert with a mission to leverage his experience to impact 1000 businesses positively by 2025. Helping companies to succeed in volatile markets, increasing profitability from existing strategies, and helping CEOs take…

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Ep. 216 – David Wood best advice: We’re all digging for gold… Don’t fall into the trap of going a mile wide and an inch deep… go an inch wide and a mile deep

May 24, 2021
David Wood Headshot

David Wood: built the world’s largest coaching business with 150,000 followers was ranked #1 on google for “life coaching” out of 23 million results is the author of “Get Paid for Who You Are”, with foreword by Jack Canfield of…

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Ep. 215 – David Wachs wanted to send handwritten notes to his employees and customers when he sold his first company – so he invented

May 17, 2021
David Wachs Headshot

David Wachs’s latest venture, Handwrytten, provides scalable, robotic solutions that write your notes in pen. Used by businesses in all industries, Handwrytten changes the way brands and people connect. Prior to Handwrytten, David founded Cellit, a leading mobile marketing platform. …

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Ep. 214 – …“It’s just a billionaire from America who has no idea about building cars.” Did Simon Severino predict Tesla’s success?

May 10, 2021
Simon Severino - Amsterdam

Simon Severino helps business owners in SaaS and services discover how to be able to run their company more efficiently which results in sales that soar. He created the Strategy Sprints® Method that doubles revenue in 90 days by getting…

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Ep. 213 – Warren Coughlin best advice to entrepreneurs is to serve: “My definition of sales is professionally helping people solve problems”

May 3, 2021
Warren Coughlin Headshot

Warren helps principled entrepreneurs build a Business That Matters.  That is one that delivers to you, the owner, attractive profits and a fulfilling lifestyle while also creating positive impacts on customers, team and the larger community.  In other words, it…

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Ep. 212 – Amy Rose Herrick best advice for entrepreneurs “I really believe in starting any business with a vision of how you are going to sell it!”

Apr 26, 2021

Amy Rose Herrick, ChFC is America’s Profit Building Specialist. Business owners implement her “Secret Profits™” systems to increase profitability $10k-$100k or more by eliminating their hidden “profit eating black holes”. Clients have turned to Amy since 1991 accelerating profits, increasing…

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