There are 3 main models to start entrepreneurship. Which is yours?

The level of success you achieve and how quickly it will happen depending on how you started your entrepreneurship.

Running a business means focusing on your customer because the money you are looking for is in their pocket.

That’s why the way you started your entrepreneurial business depends on your starting point. The target is the same target – to maximize the company’s value for its shareholders. However, understanding your starting point and planning your marketing and sells accordingly, will dramatically affect your success; how far you can take your business and how long will it take.

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This moment, when you suddenly realize you are going to become a one-billion-dollar market cap company?

I used to think that one of the differences between a startup and an entrepreneurship is that all startups are looking and dreaming to become at least a one-billion-dollar market cap company. And entrepreneurs? For me entrepreneurs which aren’t startup founders are amazing people like John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Mike Stelzner, Amy porterfield and many more, that manage to build and develop very successful companies starting from scratch without raising money.

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The secret for entrepreneurs: Focus on creating value and the money will follow How to do it right?

“In the Richie Rich comics, you see these dollar signs shining through their eyeballs… that’s what I see when I’m talking with young entrepreneurs today”

Smita Nair Jain is currently the Senior Divisional Vice President at Sears Holdings India Pvt. Ltd. She has been at global executive leadership roles with leading multinational organizations such as Capita, MphasiS, Prudential and Accenture.

Smita was my guest at the REACH OR MISS podcast this week. I asked her about her passions today and she told me that among the four things she is passionate about today she is mentoring a few startups, dealing with youngsters who are starting organizations, helping them find funding as well as helping them find their first batch of customers.

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The 2 questions I’ve been asked most And has a tremendous effect on entrepreneurs’ success

I write many posts about entrepreneurial success ( Just print “entrepreneurial success” in the search box on our website).

And I get much more questions about everything related to entrepreneurs’ business success.

But the two questions I’ve bee ask for more are:

Which target audience (potential customers) to focus on first?
How to bring in new customers?
Now, look at the question you asked. The questions of 95% entrepreneurs, are very similar to one of these two questions.

The answers will help you find the barriers that hold you back from succeeding

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Marketing Automation for entrepreneurs – a curse or a blessing? How to best use it to gain more paying customers?

In my first management position, I was assigned to establish and manage the customers’ service department for a new, innovative brand that was launched two years earlier.

One day I’ll probably tell this story of a young 27 years-old woman, who was announced as the manager of a small group of experienced tough men technicians.

Today I want to use this story to talk about marketing automation.

Until that time, the company had a technician that fixed and mainly replaced fault systems. However, while struggling to boost sales, we realized that customers’ complains were the number one reason holding us back.

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