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Ep. 226 – Chris Mercer “What I am obsessed with is figuring out how to perfect systems as it relates to measurement, entrepreneurship and listening to customer journeys.”

Aug 2, 2021

Chris “Mercer” Mercer, co-founder of MeasurementMarketing, is a sought after measurement marketing expert. Mercer (as he’s known) and his team have been helping marketers, marketing teams, and agencies measure their marketing so they know what’s working and what’s not. First…

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Ep. 225 – Aidan Sowa is aiming to reach nine figures in nine years

Jul 26, 2021

Aidan Sowa is an entrepreneur who got into the digital marketing space in 2016 due to working with the MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge. Aidan is now the founder and CEO of Sowa Marketing Agency. Sowa Marketing Agency specializes in helping…

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Ep. 224 – Is there a formula for reaching Entrepreneurial Business Success?

Jul 19, 2021

The 3 shared traits behind successful entrepreneurships It took me fourteen years of research that included following 120 entrepreneurs from their first stages, Interviewing more than 200 successful entrepreneurs, and listening to thousands of them. Here are the three factors…

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Ep. 223 – Kevin Urrutia made it super easy for his customers to connect with the company. That what led to his biggest success

Jul 12, 2021
Kevin Urrutia Headshot

Kevin Urrutia is the co-founder of New York based Voy Media who specialise in creating for clients Facebook and Instagram ads that are sophisticated and super creative. Kevin’s team are usually half on site and half around the world. During…

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Ep. 222 – Imran built a successful digital business through creating meaningful connections on Twitter

Jul 5, 2021
Imran Headshot

Imran, the founder & CEO of BIZBoost and BTweeps. Creating Meaningful and Personalized Digital Media Experiences, Globally, Human to Human, Since 2009.   Most passionate about I run a company called BIZBoost. I started in 2010 as a brand. Initially,…

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Ep. 221 – Those who know how to serve their customer – win the sale!

Jun 28, 2021
Those who know how to serve their customer - win the sale!

My first executive marketing role wasn’t about marketing! At the age of 27, I was chosen to become the first Customer Service Manager and a board member. No one in that water systems company understood what I was going to…

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Ep. 220 – Ronny Leber created entrepreneurship around what he loves doing and tells entrepre-neurs: “the only limit is your own imagination.”

Jun 21, 2021
Ronny Leber Headshot

Ronny Leber has been able to contribute to countless award winning events for over a decade. He has been on stage in front of more than 5 million people all over the world while working with some of the biggest…

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Ep. 219 – Jason Zilberbrand, who has the largest aircraft appraisal firm in the world, shows success starts with finding what you’re really good at…

Jun 14, 2021
Jason Zilberbrand Headshot

Jason Zilberbrand is the President of VREF Aircraft Value Reference & Appraisal Services. He is an Accredited Senior Aircraft Appraiser with the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), and an Accredited Member of the Appraisers National Association (ANA), and he is…

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Ep. 218 – Jenn T Grace pivoted from a consultant to a successful book publisher, bringing voice to the invisible stories that free people from their isolation

Jun 7, 2021
Jenn T. Grace Headshot

Jenn T. Grace, M.S., Founder & CEO of Publish Your Purpose. Jenn T. Grace is a nationally recognized business strategist, speaker, and award-winning author. She has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and CNBC. Jenn…

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Ep. 217 – Dan Morris is on a mission to help 1000 businesses by 2025 by using the “4 R’s” any business needs To Maximize its Sales Process

May 31, 2021
Dan Morris Headshot

Dan Morris is an investor, advisor, and B2B growth expert with a mission to leverage his experience to impact 1000 businesses positively by 2025. Helping companies to succeed in volatile markets, increasing profitability from existing strategies, and helping CEOs take…

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