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Ep. 256 – Lisa & Deevo: everybody genuinely has at least one superpower that they can share

Feb 28, 2022
Lisa and Deevo

Lisa Staff is a master photographer, former fashion model, and expert interior & exterior designer. She has had success at every turn in her entrepreneurial career due to her ability to connect and understand people on all levels. She embodies…

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Ep. 255 – Patrick Parker’s one key success factor is Focus. “Because there’s so much noise going on in the world about what works and what doesn’t work.”

Feb 21, 2022
Patrick Parker headshot

Patrick B. Parker is an accomplished Tech Executive turned Founder with domestic and international experience in operations, custom software development, multichannel product distribution, and marketing involving both start-up and growth operations. He has bootstrapped companies he founded to millions ($MM)…

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Ep. 254 – Mark Colgan: “It’s one thing to market and sell to people. It’s another thing to actually deliver on the promise that was sold.”

Feb 14, 2022
SOP Mark Colgan Headshot

Mark Colgan is an entrepreneur and revenue leader responsible for increasing revenue across a small portfolio of companies where he leverages his 13 years experience of B2B Sales, Marketing and Recruitment. Mark currently splits his time as Co-founder of Speak…

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Ep. 253 – Michael Unbroken: “You have to be able to separate who you are as a human being, to an extent, from who it is that you are as a business owner.”

Feb 7, 2022
Michael Unbroken Headshot

From homeless to hero, Michael Unbroken, is the Founder of Think Unbroken, best-selling author, award-winning speaker, podcast host, coach, and advocate for adult survivors of childhood. Since 2016, Michael has empowered over 100,000 trauma survivors to get out of The…

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Ep. 252 – Robyn Johnson’s best advice: When you’re looking at customer approach, make sure that you’re offering what your customers really want.

Jan 31, 2022
Robyn Johnson Headshot

Robyn Johnson has been heralded as one of the country’s foremost leaders on the topic of selling and marketing products on Robyn has been a guest on shows like Entrepreneur on Fire, Confessions of A Marketer, and is a…

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Ep. 251 – Nothing happens until you sell something

Jan 24, 2022
Nothing happen until you sell something -image

Among all the challenges entrepreneurs are facing getting more clients is the challenge that is mentioned most. Customers are the oxygen of any business. And yet, we often think about getting customers and sales as a given. Surprisingly, in most…

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Ep. 250 – Only those who quit fail. never, ever give up. You just have to keep going

Jan 17, 2022
Only those who quit fail

There are a few reasons why so many entrepreneurs fail, and around 90% of the entrepreneurships fail. However, many of the most successful entrepreneurs I interviewed for my podcast told me the same thing; Keep going. Only those who quit…

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Ep. 249 – Miriam Schulman: “You need to make sure you’re building customers and creating customer experience rather than just focusing on sales.”

Jan 10, 2022
Miriam Schulman

Miriam Schulman is an artist, author and founder of The Inspiration Place and The Artists Incubator Coaching Program where she helps artists (from amateurs to professionals) develop their skills, tap into their creativity, and grow thriving art businesses. Her podcast,…

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Ep. 248 – Khaled Maziad: “You can’t go against the market. You need to clearly know what they want and then give it to them.”

Jan 3, 2022
Khaled Maziad Headshot

Khaled Maziad is a marketing consultant who specializes in the Psychology of persuasion and high-ticket sales. He helps coaches transform their uncharged-non-monetary offer into a high-ticket one without having Tony Robbins like Brand. He shares his story on struggling to…

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Ep. 247 – Mark Lachance best advice: “If you want to scale your business, “don’t fall into the trap.” You don’t need to be the smartest person in everything and everywhere.

Dec 27, 2021
Mark Lachance Headshot

Mark Lachance is a serial entrepreneur, strategic thinker, and investor. He possesses a deep understanding of blitzscaling companies. Having owned and operated several businesses that have experienced hypergrowth through creative business development and lead generation, he is a master of…

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