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Ep. 161 – Sean Castrina: “I started Advantage Handyman, not a sexy business. Well, It turned into a multi-million-dollar company.”

May 4, 2020
Sean Castina Headshot

Sean Castrina lost his “dream job” 25 years ago and decided he would never be dependent on an employer for his financial security again. He became a millionaire at 36-years-old by becoming a serial entrepreneur, starting more than 20 companies and…

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Ep. 160 – Amy Vernon’s “Listen to your customers and talk to them, though that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do everything they say”

Apr 27, 2020
Amy Vernon Headshot

Amy is a digital Swiss army knife. Internationally recognized as an influential voice in the realm of community, audience, and content, she has worked in media, cybersecurity, blockchain, and marketing technology. Craigslist founder Craig Newmark named her as one of…

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Ep. 159 – The worst crisis can drive the greatest success;

Apr 20, 2020

These 4 most successful entrepreneurs started their successful businesses from the lowest starting point   The worst crises can drive the greatest successes; 4 of the most successful entrepreneurs started their journey from the lowest starting point The Coronavirus crisis…

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Ep. 158 – Lance Tyson – “People buy emotionally but justify it logically. Entrepreneurs sell thanks to their enthusiasm, but they need to find the logical reasons for people to buy.”

Apr 13, 2020
Lance Tyson Headshot

A born entrepreneur and self-starter, Lance Tyson is an authority in the sales world with a passion for developing strong business leaders. Lance has worked with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, including the New York Yankees…

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Ep. 157 – Bill Cates: “For me, success means abundance in my life. Money is OK, as long as it doesn’t own you – as long as you own it!”

Apr 6, 2020
Bill Cates Headshot

Bill Cates is an internationally recognized client-acquisition expert, author, and speaker who motivates others to take action with proven strategies.  A successful entrepreneur, Bill started and sold two book publishing companies. Turning his attention to help other businesses grow, Bill…

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Ep. 156 – Christina Rowe The women behind Facebook’s 322,000 women entrepreneurs’ group

Mar 30, 2020
Christina Rowe Headshot

“Prepare to ‘climb the mountain’ until things click. If you get off, game over! But you will get there!”  Christina Rowe is a marketing expert, a speaker, an author, and the founder of Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs, a global online…

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Ep. 155 – Ross Quintana best advice to entrepreneurs “Know yourself. So many people don’t really understand their own brand.”

Mar 23, 2020
Ross Quintana

Ross Quintana, Founder of Social Magnets a Social Megnets and Personal Branding Company. Buzzsumo Top 100 Social Media Influencer, Content Creator, Writer, Multi-talented Business Futurist with a Passion for Customers, Employees, and Thought Leadership. Most passionate about The first item…

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Ep. 154 – Anthony Sarandrea started off door knocking and built a company to $100k+ per day helping over 1M customers a year

Mar 16, 2020

Anthony started off door knocking and built a company to $100k+ per day with over 1M customers a year. He is recognized as one of the top customer generators in the world, running a team that drives over 1 million…

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Ep. 153 – Jeff Barrett: “I’d like to think that my biggest failure is yet to come – the harder you work, the higher you fail”

Mar 9, 2020
Jeff Barrett Headshot

Jeff Barrett has traveled to nearly every state writing about startup ecosystems. He has won the Shorty Award, is a Webby Award nominee and the creator of dynamic campaigns and influencer networks for Fortune 500 clients including Adobe and Oracle.…

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Ep. 152 – Social Media is the best chance for entrepreneurs to reach fast, big, long-term success – Heading to the SMMW20 conference

Mar 2, 2020
Social Media Marketing World 2020

Three entrepreneurs who used social media to stand> out and one influencer that helps us understand what’s next   Wednesday, February 26, 2020—I’m making my last preparations for my flight tomorrow to San Diego, where I’ll attend the largest and…

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