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The REACH OR MISS podcast is about the customer focused entrepreneur. The show is the first podcast that focuses on the difference in the way entrepreneurs approach customers and consumers that lead to a glorious failure or a grand success.

In this podcast Hayut Yogev talks with entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs about reaching or missing the right customer, with the right message, at the right time and place.

Each week Hayut hosts successful entrepreneurs and opinion leaders who share their experience with customers, and how their ‘customer approach’ affected their entrepreneurial journey.

For the last 9 years, Hayut has been the CEO of Gaia VSM and worked together with her team with hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups in different fields on their Customer Focus and Marketing. Helping them to concentrate on the greatest opportunities to build their brand perception, increase sales and achieve a breakthrough to the global markets through the shortest and most effective routes.

Hayut brings extensive experience and over 31 years of expertise in business management, strategic planning, marketing and trade, in leading international and local companies. Hayut specializes in new business development with international partners, offering superb marketing, commerce and communications skills.

Prior to Gaia, Hayut served for 22 years in senior management and marketing positions and took part in wining multinational markets for global brands like Energizer, 3M, Fuji, Lipton, NOKIA (until 2007) and more.

Hayut holds an MBA degree from Bar Ilan University.

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