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Ep. 206 – David Jay best advice – When I was 16 my dad told me: “David, if you do your business about helping people, you always have plenty of work.”

Mar 15, 2021
David Jay Cover Image

David is the founder and CEO of Warm Welcome and was recently named a Top 100 Tech Innovator and Influencer. In today’s market most businesses struggle to stand out in crowded markets. Warm Welcome helps businesses upgrade from boring text to…

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Ep. 205 – Isaac Kuhlman teaches everything about having an Amazon business and say – “People are so afraid of rejection or failure, that they don’t even get started.”

Mar 8, 2021
Isaac Headshot

Isaac Kuhlman has been an Amazon Brand Developer since 2013, responsible for more than $12 Million in revenue. He is the co- founder of REAL Coaching with Kirsty Verity where they have helped over 1,000 Amazon Sellers grow their businesses…

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Ep. 204 – Josh Little founded four tech companies. With two successful exits and third pending, he’s currently trying to save the world from “death by meetings.”

Mar 1, 2021
Josh Little Headshot

Josh Little is the founder of four tech companies–Maestro, Bloomfire, Qzzr, and Volley–that have collectively been used by hundreds of millions of people. With two successful exits and third pending, he’s currently on a mission to save the working world from…

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Ep. 203 – Scott Prisco thought CBD was going to sell like hotcakes. The slow start led him to establish a successful wellbeing company.

Feb 22, 2021
Scott Prisco Headshot

Scott Prisco is a nutritionist and entrepreneur with a passion for helping others. He founded Priscotty Pure, a wellness company that assists people in reaching their optimum state of well-being through unique supplement blends and an electrifying health movement. Scott is also a…

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Ep. 202 – Why the law of focus is the most important law for your entrepreneurship today, And what does it mean in a practical sense?

Feb 15, 2021
The law of FOCUS

Unfortunately, you won’t find my room on Clubhouse. Not because I’m not on Clubhouse. I am. There are some fantastic rooms there, and I’ve heard some meaningful discussions. I actually thought about opening a room, and I even decided what…

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Ep. 201 – How to become more profitable and have more “take-home” money – with Annette Ferguson

Feb 8, 2021
Annette Ferguson Headshot
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Ep. 200 – The secrets behind entrepreneurial marketing success

Feb 1, 2021
The 5 recommended tools for entrepreneurs that will help you win in business

My podcast, REACH OR MISS for entrepreneurs, reached its 200th episode, and – as part of the celebration – I decided to change its title to REACH OR MISS – Entrepreneurial Marketing Success.   The 1st secret – your “big…

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Ep. 199 – The 5 recommended tools for entrepreneurs that will help you win in business

Jan 25, 2021
The 5 Recommended Tools For Entrepreneurs That Will Help You Win In Business

On my weekly podcast, I ask my interviewees about the digital or technological tools that they recommend using. However, I tell them that I’m not looking for the shiniest tool in the endless list of them. I’m looking for the…

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Ep. 198 – Matthew Januszek talks about being a successful entrepreneur in the fitness world and what all of us can learn from it

Jan 18, 2021
Matt Januszek Portrait

Since co-founding Escape Fitness, taking it to a $33 million-dollar global business chosen by big brands and independent fitness professionals, such as the UFC, Equinox, 1Rebel, Sanctuary Fitness and more, Matthew has continued to be a powerful advocate for functional…

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Ep. 197 – 3 priceless tips about sales for entrepreneurs – From 3 Sales wizards

Jan 11, 2021
3 Sales Advices
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