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Ep. 223 – Kevin Urrutia made it super easy for his customers to connect with the company. That what led to his biggest success

Kevin Urrutia Headshot

Kevin Urrutia is the co-founder of New York based Voy Media who specialise in creating for clients Facebook and Instagram ads that are sophisticated and super creative. Kevin’s team are usually half on site and half around the world. During lockdown they have all.

been working remotely. Kevin also has his own podcast – Digital Marketing Fastlane which helps you to build. launch, grow and scale a successful online business.

Kevin is a travel and nature enthusiast. In his spare time, you can find him hiking through Mount Fuji or booking his next adventure.


Most passionate about

  • For me, the most passionate route is marketing.
    • We do a lot of online marketing here at my current company, which is Voy Media, but it’s not just online marketing for other brands.
    • I still do my online marketing for my own companies. I have my own e-commerce brands that I’m working on. What I’m most passionate about is doing marketing for other brands, but using those skills to make my own businesses in my own companies.

Kevin’s career and story

  • We started marketing. A marketing agency wasn’t something I wanted to start.
  • When I was running my other companies, I wanted to connect with other founders and entrepreneurs to help them with their stuff. Initially, I thought that Voy Media was going to be a great way to invest in startups.
  • It was a way for me to meet entrepreneurs, but then that turned into, “Hey! We need help with advertising. We need help with marketing.” That led us to turn into a traditional business model. That’s how we came up.

Best advice for entrepreneurs

  • My best advice is, for approaching the customer, consider: If you were that customer, how would you want to market your product? How would you want to sell the product? How would you want to handle complaints or returns? I always think about it like that.

The biggest, most critical failure with customers

  • At one point, like any business, you over-promise stuff that you can do. As a new entrepreneur, you always want to over-promise. You want to promise and over-deliver, but sometimes you make the mistake of saying, “Yep, I could do that.” And then you get overwhelmed because you don’t know how to solve the problem. You know how to solve their issue. Then the customer does get upset.
  • That’s something I think about. It really affects your journey. When you’re working with your new company, you want to minimize those moments. A lot of times, they’re just not fun to deal with. And they stick with you for a few days or months.

Biggest success with customers

  • It was when I was doing the cleaning company. We really focused on making it super easy for customers to book and tell us what they wanted for their cleaning.
  • I liked that because it made them trust us to book a service. Cleaning is a very personal thing. You’re literally letting a stranger into your home. By having a great, simple price, by answering phone calls, by answering customers’ text messages to us about their apartments, we made customers feel comfortable booking with us.
  • It’s being very customer-focused and customer-centric and trying to figure out what they want.

Kevin’s recommendation of a tool

  • Ebook/Book
    • The book that’s really helping me think about marketing, think about sales and business, is DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson.
    • It talks about how to run a business and how to make money running a business. It teaches you the core fundamentals of marketing and sales.

Kevin’s one key success factor

  • I think my key success factor is that I believe in myself.
    • Anything is really about just believing in yourself. We tell people, “Just buckle down, turn off the TV, and start learning.” Then you can literally do whatever you want and change your life.
  • Problem-solving techniques
    • Try to be a great problem-solver and see an issue.


Kevin’s Mountain

Since we believe that the best way for entrepreneurs to get fast, big, and sustainable success is by leading your (new) market category, and the entire entrepreneurial journey reminds me of mountaineering, I want to ask you: Is there a mountain you dream of climbing or a mountain you have already climbed?

  • One thing that I thought was going to be a hurdle or a mountain for me was making your company successful and then selling it.
  • In the beginning, you’re like, “Oh my God, I can’t wait to build a company and sell it.” But when you’re actually there, you’re selling it, you’re kind of like, “Okay, I’m relieved that I sold it because I don’t want to do it anymore.”
  • That’s kind of like a mountain that I want to climb: I was excited at the time, but now I’m thinking about new stuff. For me, climbing a mountain means seeing if you can grow a company until you sell it.




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