Ep.76 – The marketing campaigns successful entrepreneurs used to breakthrough into the market

Entrepreneurial marketing and sales are incredibly challenging.
How do you find the biggest market opportunity and need for an unfamiliar product in a market that probably doesn’t exist yet?
Successful entrepreneurs and opinion leaders Joe Pulizzi, David Beebe, Vladimer Botsvadze, and Tomas Laurinavicius tell us about their experiences and beliefs about reaching the business breakthrough.

Ep.75 Six brilliant ways successful entrepreneurs started their businesses – and what you should learn from each of them.

Many people are dreaming of leaving their 9 to 5 jobs and becoming entrepreneurs. But how do you make that first step? Being an entrepreneur means finding what will work for your unique skill set. Aiming to gain income and profits as fast as possible and grow your entrepreneurship quickly from a one-person show to a substantial…

Ep. 74 – Tony Hughes “marketer, salesperson, and entrepreneur needs to view what they do through the eyes of their customers. Content is king, but audience is queen”.

Tony Hughes has thirty years of corporate and sales leadership experience with unbroken personal and team sales records. He is: Currently ranked #1 sales blogger globally by both Top Sales Magazine and Best Sales Blogger Awards Rated as the most influential person in professional sales within Asia-Pacific by Top Sales World Currently ranked #3 sales…

Ep. 73 – James Arthur Ray “Forget about money. A business is in business to provide service and value. When we provide service and value, the money comes as a byproduct.”

James Arthur Ray is considered one of the world’s foremost leadership and performance advisers, coaches and consultants.

James’s company has been on the INC.500 LIST as one of the fastest growing businesses in the industry. He has taught over 1 million individuals in 145 countries over the course of 20 years. Then in 2009, in what began as a very routine sweat lodge-like ceremony outside of Sedona, Arizona, 3 of the 53 participants lost their lives from complications. The incident was deemed an accident and James was found to be negligent.

He spent the past 4 years creating and refining a new set of teachings that we have listed above. Each of his talks has a detailed curriculum that audiences both learn from and enjoy. He emphasizes gaining personal clarity, recognizing each person’s unique gift, and better understanding about how to avoid the mistakes that are avoidable. James is high- energy and truly inspirational.

Ep. 72 – How successful entrepreneurs find their best customers?

Hi Reachers,

The REACH OR MISS podcast is all about being a customer focused entrepreneur. One and a half years ago, I decided to create this   podcast after I realized that most entrepreneurs failed because they didn’t understand what I call the magic of marketing. Marketing is magic; it’s all about being able to look at the market from the eye view of the potential customers.

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