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Ep. 245 – Tim Cakir best advice: Be obsessed with the problem not the solution; if you obsess about the problem, the solution will change over time, getting better and better.

Tim Cakir is a growth consultant who helps companies, entrepreneurs and students achieve fast and consistent growth. Working with 17 startups to date, some of his best achievements include helping two startups receiving 1.7 million euros in Horizon 2020 funding, increasing MRR of one startup from $80k to $300k in less than 18 months and…

Ep. 244 – Brian Fritton best advice: “Don’t be afraid to narrow. The fastest and highest-quality way is by focusing first on a smaller group of people who will love your and represent your product”

Brian Fritton is the founder of Havoc Shield, which is a cybersecurity program as a service where he brings the founder’s perspective to cybersecurity in an increasingly complicated and risk-filled environment. Brian has built products and led engineering, design, and IT teams at companies with credentials such as Fortune’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies, the Inc.…

Ep. 242 – Brian Roland: “As an entrepreneur wherever you are, you’re looking for gaps and thinking, ‘How can I fill that gap? How can I bridge that gap?’”

Brian Roland is a Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Abenity, the 6x Inc. 5000 Company that’s powering corporate perks for top brands including U.S. Bank and MasterCard. And while Abenity provides millions of subscribers with private discounts, the company’s social mission is fighting extreme poverty with every program they deliver. Abenity recently exceeded a million…

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