The Eight Golden Rules of Entrepreneurial Marketing* Part 1

Entrepreneurs are aware of the need to maximize their company’s value (which is built on two foundations; the financial results [sales and profit] and its brand perception).

They also know that they have to market their startup and dedicate thought to the question of how to reach customers and make them want, seek out, use, and purchase the product. However, few entrepreneurs are aware of the fact that there are clear rules underlying marketing, in general, and the marketing of start-ups or entrepreneurial business, in particular. They also fail to realize that by following these rules, they will significantly increase their odds of making a quick breakthrough into the international market.

There are eight rules. The first four relate to the most basic questions of marketing a startup – the company’s market strategy. The last four relate to reaching the customers and motivating them to buy and use the product.

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Is there any chance for entrepreneurs to succeed with a physical electronic product?

During my first 22 years of marketing and sales, I worked only with physical products, like food, suits, batteries, and mobile phones. Mainly, but not only, consumer products.

And then in 2008, I began working with startups and entrepreneurs, and shifted my focus to mainly software, systems, online platforms, and etc. There were very few consumer electronics products in the startup nation at that point.

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How entrepreneurs can build the best customer journey

Starting a new year is the perfect opportunity to introduce new things:

Especially if it can lead you to new heights of paying customer and revenue.

…and it all starts with a triangle

I joined Nokia in 2004 as the VP of marketing for the Israeli market and part of the international marketing team.

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What would the best gift for an entrepreneur be?

It’s Christmas time. I just came back from London. The shopping vibe was everywhere and I found myself asking myself this hypothetical question.

If I could gather together 100 (or 1000…) different people that only have one shared factor –they all define themselves as entrepreneurs (from different ages, genders, different locations, markets etc.)– and ask this question:

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Christmas in London and what happened to entrepreneurs over the last 12 months

London is sparkling with decorations and lights, which makes me feel as if I was in Wonderland or waiting for Cinderella’s fairy godmother to change my taxi into a glass carriage.

I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I fell in love with the atmosphere and beauty of Christmas, and it has become a habit to summarize the last 12 months in a special way (not the formal business summary and next year’s plan, which is ready from November).

 I’m talking about an opportunity to celebrate achievements, figure out the drawbacks, check the wounds, and make the most important promises for the new year.

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