How will Market Analysis help you in your fundraising?

Raising a fund for your startup is challenging. Often it can seem like an impossible mission. Yet, in my experience with hundreds of startup companies, your chances to get an investment to your startup will be based mainly on two factors: You are the type of founder the investors trusts to succeed. You manage to…

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How a small marketing budget works for startups better than a big budget?

Lean marketing allows startups to grow revenues with fewer marketing resources and far greater results.

It’s high time to debunk one of the greatest myths in the marketing of startups. In a recent conversation with the marketing manager of a startup that develops and sells enterprise software, I was informed of one of the most common, yet false, axioms regarding marketing.

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Three Super Simple Hacks to Upgrade Your Startup Marketing

By Zahi Fish Marketing is not an easy job, especially for entrepreneurs and startups. There is always something, do you agree? The budget is never adequate, too much work meets not enough work force, and of course, the challenge in explaining an innovative product in our everyday simple words. There are many articles about how…

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