Social media can grow entrepreneurs’ success rate by hundreds percents

On a Delta flight to San Diego, which is a long 21 hour trip trip to the Social Media Marketing World 2019 for the fifth year.

For me, the SMMW conference enables me to learn and understand where the world of social media is going. There are so many changes to watch and new ways to learn. Social media makes it possible to reach any human being (that uses a social network) directly. Never before on earth have there been channels and tools that enable direct connection between any two people around the world.

Let’s look backward for a minute, to 1986. This was the year I joined the world of marketing. Originally, I planned to study engineering, but the stars pointed me in a different direction.

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How to find your biggest market opportunity?

This post is about one of the best-kept secrets in business success;

The technique to find more paying customers and achieve business success is not by convincing as many people as you can to buy your product or service;

it’s about finding those people who need your product or service most and will be the first to buy your product or service and through them, finding the shortest road to success.

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100 episodes. And I never thought I would ever have my own company.

When you manage tens of millions of dollars in marketing budgets for the leading brands around the world, you are sure it’s the most influential position you can get.

A summary of 2 things I was wrong about, 1 thing I was right about, and 2 interesting questions:

I never considered having a podcast. I never considered writing a blog either.

It all started 11 years ago.

It was a month after I decided to leave my executive position as the VP of Marketing for Nokia in Israel. We managed to reach Nokia’s highest targets in terms of market share, brand preference (+160%), and brand loyalty (+127%). But we mainly managed to gain back the market leadership crown, which had been stolen from us in 2003.

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My Conclusions after (almost) 100 podcasting episodes: The 3 most important tips to help you gain ongoing growth of paying customers and business success

We are about to REACH 100 episodes of the REACH OR MISS podcast.

And I can’t help but feel a bit sentimental about it.

I want to discuss why I started this podcast, and address the question: did I achieve at least some of the main objective that brought me to launch this podcast almost two years ago (March 20th 2017, to be exact).

I won’t tell the whole story now, just the main facts.

In January 2008, after 21 years of executive marketing positions in leading multinational and local brands, I founded a company aiming to help entrepreneurs and startup founders become successful by winning market category leadership using the right marketing and sales approach.

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