How will Market Analysis help you in your fundraising?

Raising a fund for your startup is challenging.

Often it can seem like an impossible mission.

Yet, in my experience with hundreds of startup companies, your chances to get an investment to your startup will be based mainly on two factors:

You are the type of founder the investors trusts to succeed.
You manage to convince the investors there is true potential and need for your product in the market.
These are the two things you should focus on in your presentation.

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How a small marketing budget works for startups better than a big budget?

Lean marketing allows startups to grow revenues with fewer marketing resources and far greater results.

It’s high time to debunk one of the greatest myths in the marketing of startups. In a recent conversation with the marketing manager of a startup that develops and sells enterprise software, I was informed of one of the most common, yet false, axioms regarding marketing.

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Guide: The three free, practical steps to researching and finding your market

What if I conduct consumers’ research in the 19th century in Thomas Edison’s times, and ask whether they are going to use the electric light bulb, what would their answer be?

Market research is one of the trickiest things for entrepreneurs. Trying to understand market behavior for a product, which doesn’t exist yet, based on a need that, many times, the customers are not totally aware of is a tough mission.

Yet, entrepreneurs are required to provide market insights as well as customers’ analysis in the situation of fund raising and financial planning, as well as in order to gain customers and to build brand perception – the two core elements of a company’s value.

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