“Netflix and The cable channel tied for 23 awards each. It was the first time in almost 20 years that HBO didn’t dominate the Emmy 2018 Awards.”

“It was the first time in almost 20 years that HBO didn’t dominate the Emmy 2018 Awards. Netflix and The cable channel tied for 23 awards each.”

Those who follows me know that I often criticize the startup fever, which is when entrepreneurs and enthusiastic bloggers are more excited about the tens of millions of dollars fundraised than about building a business, gaining customers, and revenue.

Yet, sometimes we tend to forget the tremendous effect of startups on the technology revolution, which has been the biggest revolution humanity has experienced.

Netflix totally changed the way people consume movies and shows. And while it went down the familiar road of fundraising, the company was entirely focused on creating awareness, attracting customers and gaining revenues from its very first days.

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The entrepreneur that best understands their customers, wins!

Most of the entrepreneurs among the 120 entrepreneurial businesses I’ve worked within the last ten years had a good product. However, the winners were always those who understood their customers best. My first entrepreneurial customer that celebrated an exit was Tvinci. They offered Pay Over The Top TV (streaming TV). The surprising part was that…

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How to keep your audience during off-season?

Keeping your audience during off-season is always a challenge, for entrepreneurs, it’s even more difficult. 4 tips to help you maximize the situation. One of the private owners I have worked with used to talk constantly about being aligned with pick or off-season. So I was lucky had the chance to learned how to maximize both,…

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Which is a stronger brand? How do I know? Where was the Facebook brand ranked? And why any entrepreneur should care?

I stand between two worlds. My 1st world (for 21 years) was global brands, international marketing, marketers’ strength, Customer is king, etc.…

 – And my current world (for the last 10 years) of entrepreneurs, startups, innovation, venture capitals, exits and failures. Most of them failures.

Unfortunately, most startups and entrepreneurial businesses fail. However, in my experience, entrepreneurs have much more influence on their chances of success than they think.

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