Have you, as an entrepreneur, received a piece of advice that changed your business?

I started my executive professional life at the early age of 27. Since then, I’ve always been on the companies’ boards. Yet, I’ll never forget the advice I heard at my first marketing job, from the tough, loud sales manager:
“You can be the best marketer or general manager in the world, but if you can’t knock on a stranger’s office’s door, say hi, and sell them a system (we sold water purifying systems) – you will never succeed in business.”
He was right. I learned to sell and since then, most of the business doors I wanted, opened for me.
That was the best advice I received as a businessperson and an entrepreneur.
What was yours?

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Marketing no longer exists, especially not for entrepreneurs

Marketing no longer exists, especially not for entrepreneurs

That’s why the top reason for their failures is, “There was no market need!” Only, yes, there was. They just didn’t know how to find it.

Honestly, I don’t know how and when this change started. Marketing stopped being the power that recognizes, convinces, and gains new customers. It started being about the campaign, or, worse, about clicks.

Don’t get me wrong, I think online in general, and online marketing in particular, are the best things that have happened to the modern business world, yet the part about understanding your customers (which is what “marketing” is) has become more important then ever.

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Do entrepreneurs and startups really solve the world’s problems?

Do entrepreneurs and startups really solve the world’s problems?

If they do, why did everything around entrepreneurship become so complicated?

The blue print for growing your entrepreneurial business to a success

Jeremy Liddle started his career as an entrepreneur with his brother, at the age of 19, opening three retail food and beverage stores in Australia followed by another five stores in Singapore. After 17 years of founding and growing businesses, he realized that entrepreneurs solve the world’s problems but a lack of access to capital inhibits most from changing the world.

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The biggest, most easily avoidable failure entrepreneurs make

While your venture may be new, businesses aren’t! What I mean is, that there are thing connected to your entrepreneurship only you can do. Yet, there are already plenty of solutions for business problems out there.

The blockchain media entrepreneur, Justin Wu, took a different path to success, which seems to have worked well for him. I interviewed Justin for the Reach or Miss podcast, and was surprised by the path he took.

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