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Climbing mountains and entrepreneurial success – A few of the most amazing mountains’ stories you heard

Many successful entrepreneurs climb mountains, while others use mountains as a metaphor to describe what is necessary to conquer the peak – including the fatiguing yet rewarding journey to the top. Still other entrepreneurs use mountains as an analogy for a significant goal they wish to achieve – such as becoming a billion-dollar-market-cap company. (See Mellissah Smith’s mountain story.)

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Is there a formula for reaching Entrepreneurial Business Success?

Is there a formula for reaching Entrepreneurial Business Success? The 3 shared traits behind successful entrepreneurships It took me twelve years of research that included following 120 entrepreneurs from their first stages, Interviewing more than 100 successful entrepreneurs, and listening to hundreds of thousands of them. Here are the three factors of the Formula for…

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The power of one Ted talk

As an entrepreneur, you should find your way to become a leading influencer of your new market I interviewed Angela Maiers on my podcast. Angela went to medical school to study neuroscience. And during her study, she found out that what she really wants to do is teaching.

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Are you looking for a fiancé?!

Are you looking for a fiancé?! “I’m all about relationship-building.” 15 years ago, I would probably tell you “we aren’t looking for a fiancé. We are looking for sales!!” (And the 9 top tools that will help you build relationships. And then, scale!)   But everything has changed. And today we are definitely looking for…

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