Are you an entrepreneur or a small business owner?

It’s not like someone can decide ‘You are an entrepreneur’, or ‘no, you are a small business owner’.

However from the last eleven years I’ve been working with entrepreneurs and startup founders I have noticed, there are three main differences:

At first, only startup founders were considered entrepreneurs. In time, a new type of entrepreneur evolved, who started small, aiming to earn money from the early stages, bring new ventures, and create a big difference in their field.

Today, this trend has gone a step further. It seems like everyone is leaving their ‘9 to 5’ jobs to open their own business and calling themselves entrepreneurs.

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Brian Hart had only inbound customers from the first day of his entrepreneurial business

Brian Hart is my podcast guest this week.
I hadn’t known he was going to say that he’d never needed to look for customers when I invited him to be a guest on my show.
I invited him because I’d read several of his articles on Inc. Magazine, learned about him through Twitter and LinkedIn, and thought he could bring value to my podcast listeners – most of whom are entrepreneurs.

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The marketing technocrats are the second biggest danger to your entrepreneurial business success. You are the first.

I remember my first days as NOKIA VP of Marketing for the Israeli market. I came to NOKIA after more than 18 years of executive marketing positions with leading brands and multimillion dollar budgets.

It was my first meeting with my internet manager – a new role in the marketing team. She looked at her reports and said: there were 335 thousand youth and young people viewing our last campaign.

As I said, eighteen years a marketing manager and VP for leading brands, spent millions of dollars on different marketing activities and ads, but I had never known exactly how many people actually saw the campaigns.

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The Eight Golden Rules of Entrepreneurial Marketing* Part 1

Entrepreneurs are aware of the need to maximize their company’s value (which is built on two foundations; the financial results [sales and profit] and its brand perception).

They also know that they have to market their startup and dedicate thought to the question of how to reach customers and make them want, seek out, use, and purchase the product. However, few entrepreneurs are aware of the fact that there are clear rules underlying marketing, in general, and the marketing of start-ups or entrepreneurial business, in particular. They also fail to realize that by following these rules, they will significantly increase their odds of making a quick breakthrough into the international market.

There are eight rules. The first four relate to the most basic questions of marketing a startup – the company’s market strategy. The last four relate to reaching the customers and motivating them to buy and use the product.

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