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Ep. 112 – Special Edition: How this podcast became one of iTunes top 100 podcasts for Management & Marketing, and what’s the connection to Hayut Yogev’s biggest failure


Special Edition, Show Notes

Hi Reachers!
I hope you are all having wonderful days, and I’m so happy to be here with you.

I have talked a lot lately about the changes and new direction that we are taking, and I’m very excited to tell you that it’s happening now. This is a special episode where I’m about to announce a new challenge regarding Entrepreneurial Business Success rates; in which each of you have a part.
So stay with me until the end.


without the CONSTANT STRESS OF CASHFLOW, FRUSTRATING trial and error, or EXHAUSTING guesswork.

There will be two options to take part in this Master Class this week, on Wednesday May 29th at 2 pm east, 11 am pacific time, and on Thursday, May 30th at 3 pm east, 12 pm pacific time.

So, go to the REACH OR MISS website or to the show notes of this episode and save your spot in the Masterclass today.

It’s going to be new material that hasn’t been taught like this before, and it will enable you to succeed in ways most entrepreneurs simply don’t.

 This webinar is directly connected to today’s special episode about entrepreneurs’ success rates and how you are capable of exceeding them.

Almost a year ago, in episode 63, I was the weekly guest on the REACH OR MISS podcast. I told my story about my 32 years of experience, first my 21 years of executive marketing positions with local and multinational leading brands. The switch I made after I refused an offer from a new VC, and the last ten years of my own company with 8 employees and what I learned from the 120 startup founders and entrepreneurs we worked with.

If you wish to listen to this episode you will find it in the REACH OR MISS website, search for episode 63.

In today’s episode, I’m going to use our weekly questions to address the subject of business success for entrepreneurs and will tell you my own story about the last two years interviewing more than 100 successful entrepreneurs and at the same time I met and engaged with hundreds of entrepreneurs who are struggling every day to build a successful business.


So let’s begin with the interview with the first question:

What am I most passionate about today and where I’m heading?

After ten years of working with hundreds of startups and entrepreneurs, we realized that the assumption we had about how the right marketing and sales methods would change the chances of an entrepreneurship’s success was right. We saw an amazing growth of the success rates.

But we also experienced despoilments, watching entrepreneurs decide to ignore what their customers told them kept doing what they thought was better and fail.

And we also realized that working with each entrepreneurship for several months would never scale.

So, I decided to make a major shift. We decided to transfer most of our activities to the virtual world; establishing an online business and aiming to help thousands of entrepreneurs instead of a handful of them every year.

Most of my previous team found different marketing positions with startups and my technology manager, Guy, and I started to establish the new formation of an online business.

We started The Reach or Miss podcast in March 2017, which has become the base for the business. Our objective is to impact as many entrepreneurs as possible by helping them focus in the right way, on their customers.

Beside the online business, I chose three entrepreneurial businesses to work with as their marketing director, in order to make sure that what we teach and preach to entrepreneurs actually works.

The main method that works for entrepreneurs and leads them to success as I learned from the successful entrepreneurs I interview every week, is built from the four principles I’m going to teach in the Live Masterclass on this coming Wednesday and Thursday.


What would be my best advice to entrepreneurs?

Here I’ve got two answers for you:

The first advice is the same advice I gave in my first interview a year ago: focus on your potential customers. They have the answers you are looking for, because the money you want is in their pockets.

In the free webinar, I’ll give a few new tips and tricks about how to address your customers today and how to find the right tools to attract them to you.

But the main takeaway is; focus on your potential customers.

My second advice is something I have written about a lot on my blog posts, but I haven’t talked about it as much nor have many of my guests .

So my second advice is- You don’t need a big budget to launch and sell your product or service. And further more, I want to warn you against most of the marketing automation tools. I also want to warn you from giving your SEO marketing blindly to the one that promises you most, the same about your sponsored links on search engines, and even most of the automatic social media ads, which I usually won’t recommend you to do at your early stages.

Don’t get me wrong. SEO today is a must, however most of it depends on learning and doing the right things from the beginning. Every website that is built on WordPress is well equipped with the right SEO basics and most of your SEO beside the site is about the content you produce (and you must produce content); it is quite easy to learn the basic assumptions on your own.

So, what you should do? You should use the amazing opportunities in social media to engage connect with and attract your customers, and focus on establishing relationships with them. And I’ll talk more about this in my answer regarding my recommended tool a bit later.


My biggest failure with customers?

This answer hasn’t changed since my first interview, however everything I do today is meant to change my failure and you have the major role in that change.

In my previous interview my first sentence about my biggest failure was:

‘I think the biggest failure is that I haven’t yet succeeded in making a major shift in the perceptions of most startup founders and entrepreneurs ”.

So, I must face the truth; I still haven’t managed to make this shift. However, with everything I have done in the last two years and all the new activities I’m about to launch this year I believe we will see the first signs of a change in entrepreneurial business success.

Stay tuned until the end and join me for this challenge; this is your business’s best shot.


My biggest success?

This answer is crystal clear, you are the biggest part of it and this shows me we are heading in the right direction:

My biggest success is definitely the huge success of my REACH OR MISS podcast becoming one of iTunes’ top hundred podcasts for Management and Marketing.

I remember the first time I found my podcast among this list. I wasn’t looking for it, I hadn’t even begun to hope for this record in only two years – and then, there it was! I almost started to cry, because suddenly all this Sisyphean work paid off.

So, I’d like to thank each of you, my listeners, for giving us a chance and for sticking with me, despite my non-native English, despite the “unpopular” subject (exits are much sexier than talking about entrepreneurial marketing and sales).

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This means the world to me.


What is my most recommended tool?

Social media!

Which platforms? Where ever your potential customers hang around. For me it’s mainly Twitter and LinkedIn and, Facebook groups. Facebook groups are one of the best ways to engage with you audience today, whether it’s businesses or end consumers.

So definitely, social media! And I’m not talking about paid social media, but about sharing, caring, and engaging with your customers and colleagues.

If you ask me, this is the main reason we managed to reach our current podcast status.


My Key success Factor?

In my interview last year, I talked about my energies and I still have them this year, however, I’m going to say consistency because that is what has worked best for me and this consistency is the reason behind my podcast’s success and I believe that the consistency is what will help me achieve my mission and vision to dramatically change Entrepreneurial Business Success Rates.


Hayut’s Mountain

Since we believe that the best way for entrepreneurs to get a fast, big, and sustainable success is by leading your (new) market category, and the entire entrepreneurial journey reminds me of mountaineering, or conquering the mountain; I want to ask you if there is a mountain you dream of climbing or a mountain you have already climbed.

  • OK, my mountain hasn’t changed. Last year I chose Kilimanjaro as a mountain I wished to climb, and I would have chosen it again, although I haven’t climbed Kilimanjaro and let’s face it, I don’t really intend to. However; I will use the metaphor to say that our journey over these past two years – the episodes, the blog, and now the free Masterclasses and the new ideas that are on their way, was and still is one of the highest mountains I’ve climbed.


Now it’s time to talk about the big challenge that I’m about to announce. You know that the success rate that the formal studies are talking about for entrepreneurs are around 5-10% success.

So, together with those who will join this challenge on one of my webinars in the coming two weeks, our goal to exceed this records, and you are going to reach a much higher percentage of success rate.

I will wait for you in the free Master Class;  so don’t forget to check it out in the website or see the direct link in the show notes of this episode:

THE 4 PRINCIPLES Webinar Registration Page



Thank you all my listeners for listening.


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