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Ep. 079 – Justin Wu has built his personal brand as an influencer in the growth marketing space, and based on these skills set for founding an entrepreneurial blockchain growth & media group


Justin Wu Show Notes

Justin is a co-founder of Blocknauts, a blockchain growth advisory & me-dia group. Justin is a keynote speaker & advisor for over 12+ blockchain companies, tokens & Dapps. Prior to founding Blocknauts, Justin has been content creator in the growth marketing space. He has collaborated with the Wall St Journal, CES, NASA, NASDAQ & been sponsored by Samsung, Intel, New Balance.

Most passionate about

  • Today I’m focusing on organizing educational events on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to developers, business consultants and other professionals that want to learn more about this fields. Our most recent, and biggest event right now is called Blockchain Northwest. We had 800 people come to the first ever Seattle, Washington conference. We had people from Microsoft, Amazon, T-mobile, Starbucks, Bedtracks, R-chain, Storm Token and Unicorn Gold, just to name a few; so, we had a lot of local Seattle companies come through, enterprises and enterprise decision makers, and also a lot of other companies from Canada come down, people from Oregon, LA, New York.

Justin’s best advice about approaching customers

  • The best advice I have is to really focus on the customer’s point of view and the value. As I thought about what the problems are in the space from a consumer standpoint and what do they really want? They want high-level, advanced content, and they don’t want it too expensive because it pushes people away. You want to provide that value for the attendees.
  • Think about the value for your customers first and stop thinking short term about how to monetize and squeeze every single dollar.
  • There were lots of other events that were in the region that tried to copy what we did, and they tried to charge $800 a ticket; they only had barely 150 attendees! We pulled off 800 people, and we charged $150 a ticket.

Biggest failure with a customer

  • We tried to keep everything in house and tried to build everything ourselves. We could have opened a lot more doors more easily within each of the potential regions that we were going to and we learned this about 6 months into the business.
  • In this space, collaboration is key; don’t go into different industries or communities alone, trying to do it all yourself. You really want to go spend time in that region or industry and start meeting and talking with people first. Try to map who’s who in the space, and from there, it’ll open up a lot of other doors.

Biggest success due to the right customer approach

  • The biggest event so far to date, and I think it’s going to continue going forward, was when I was speaking onstage at a conference with several thousand people. I shared the stage and was interviewed by Larry King, as well as Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum and Cardano. It was definitely the biggest highlight so far in terms of big stage and big audience.

The best way to connect with Justin:

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