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Market Analysis for Fundraising

Find and present your startup’s biggest market opportunity

Raising a fund for your startup or company is challenging.
Lack of, or wrong, market analysis has a major impact on the decisions of investors.

Trying to understand market behavior for a product that doesn’t exist yet is a tough mission;
trying to come up with estimates is even tougher.
That’s why we developed a unique method of combined resources
for fast and efficient market analysis for investors.

The combined resources’ analysis uses different points of view on divers
market verticals and include an internal company & product’s insights
with a wide market overview online.

How will market analysis help your fundraising?

The combined Market Analysis was designed for your success.

For more than 30 years, I’ve been using marketing research for business decisions, investor’s reports, brands, value, education, and more..
For the last 10 years, I’ve used market analysis for entrepreneurial businesses.. The secret for a reliable market analysis of entrepreneurships is in understanding the product and founders’ true potential.

Market Analysis for Fund Raising Banner

Raising a fund for your startup is challenging.
A lot of times it seems like an impossible mission …

Yet, from my experience with hundreds startup companies, your chances to get an investment will be based on whether you manage to convince the investor there is true potential and need for your product in the market.

The answers we seek in the Market Analysis

As part of the Market Analysis for Fundraising, we seek the answers to several fundamental questions:

  • What are the uniqueness and strength about your product and company?
  • What is your startup’s one key success winning factor?
  • Who are the primary and secondary customers (and/or consumers) who are prepared to adopt, use and pay for your product?
  • How should the product be defined so that the relevant customers will understand what it is and immediately realize its advantage?
  • What is the market category you will lead, and how?
  • What is the value (pain or passion) that will best motivate potential customers to buy your product?

What will the Market Analysis include?

The combined Market Analysis includes three parallel stages

Founders interviews Image1


Founders interviews Learning exactly what is unique and the greatest advantage about you and your product.

Market mapping Image


Market mapping Collecting the statistics, analytics, trends, and projections of the future international markets.

Market discussions Image


Market discussions understand the minds of the potential users through social media and blogs in problem to we solve.

What will you get? How long it will take? How much will it cost?

The combined Market Analysis outcomes include:

  1. Market analysis report with the main market findings
  2. A summary of the results of the market potential
  3. Recommended 1-2 slides to include in your investors’ presentation

Coming to you at Light-speed.

The Market Analysis for Fundraising will be complete within 10-14 days

Costs and terms of payment:

  • One payment of $4750
  • Two payments of $2380

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