How to keep your audience during off-season?

Keeping your audience during off-season is always a challenge, for entrepreneurs, it’s even more difficult. 4 tips to help you maximize the situation.

One of the private owners I have worked with used to talk constantly about being aligned with pick or off-season.

So I was lucky had the chance to learned how to maximize both, picks as well as off-season.

In ‘traditional companies’ the marketing and sales plan is taught by one marketing or sales manager to the next while looking all the time to take advantage of new opportunities.

For entrepreneurs that start building their business, gaining clients, and fighting for any sale going through, off-season can be a major challenge.

Entrepreneurs can lose most of their achievements in one summer or holiday.

No matter how innovative and fantastic your groundbreaking venture is, at the end of the day you need to drive people and companies to use it and pay for it.

The good news is that off-season not only bears the risk of losing your audience and revenue but also bears an opportunity to take advantage of the situation.

Attached are 4 tactics and tips that will help you maximize these slower times:

  1. Stay relevant to your audience

The first tactic is always true and is the most important tip for any time of year, any followers with any product or service - stay relevant to your audience.

The way to win the market is to understand your customers, ask and learn what’s important to them in every stage and situation. It means understanding what most of your customers are doing with their summer vacation; which probably depends on their ages, whether they have kids, the kind of activities they enjoy, etc.

Once you know more about your audience’s habits and preferences during the summer holiday (or any other off-season time of year) you can:

  • Create content which is relevant to their choices
  • Surprise them with relevant ideas for attractions, relevant book suggestions, or any other activity that is relevant for them in your domain.
  • Offer special attracting deals or rewards during this time of year
  • Invite them to take part in an online or offline game that is relevant to both their situation and your field.

Note: Keep full relevancy to both, the habits, needs, and preference of your audience on one hand, and the connection to your field, product, or business on the other.

Want more ideas, advices and help with your entrepreneurial business’ marketing, sales, and customers’ focus?

  1. Create continuity and loyalty driven activities

The idea here is to create a reason to keep in contact during off-season times. Offer rewards, special content, or some kind of attraction to encourage continued audience engagement.

  • You can start a Loyalty Program (which is almost always a good idea, if done right) before or during the summer vacation time. Give your audience good reasons to stay connected, or keep in touch.
  • Create a continuance game, or create a special series of content that people won’t want to miss, a series of comics or anything that will create FOMO (a Fear Of Missing Out) and keep it until “after the vacation”.
  • You can always create a business partnership with a coffee chain or another business to get a free tenth cup of coffee when showing a coupon for texting 5 of the last contents’ headlines or answering trivia questions about your product over time
  • These are just my favorite handful of suggestions; any others leap to mind for you?
  1. Take advantage by attracting new, relevant audience members

There are new opportunities to be found at this time of year as well.

You can attract new audience members that have been ‘neglected’ by your competitors, or that you can better connect with around their summer interests.

  1. Offer your existing audience a higher level of engagement.

Off-season times bring new opportunities to strengthen the connections you have with your audience.

Many business people feel that they are neglecting their professional duties due to family obligations.

They might feel they don’t have enough time to get updates about their market, so you can offer a weekly newsletter covering the news and important posts in your field.

Maybe they are a bit more free on this time of year and you can offer them a short afternoon free virtual conference on a new trend they might be interested in, or a special webinar about a subject they should learn about, but haven't had the time.

Be creative. The road is clear if you will always keep focusing on your audience. Meet with some of them learn and about their summer vacation habits. Find out which audience members you might lose and where the opportunities are. 

I would love to hear what strategies you use during off-season times and have a chat about solutions.

I would also love hearing about how you deal with off-season issues; perhaps you can share tips with other readers.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Yours, Hayut

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